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Len Clark - RE/MAX Associates Northeast Core Values

At Len Clark - RE/MAX Associates Northeast we are serious about your bottom line but also strive for every client to enjoy the process as much as possible. We do that by implementing our core values…our core values gives us the best possible opportunity to reduce the amount of stress you might feel during the process of buying/selling a home.

1. Strive to live by the guiding principles found in the Bible

2. Be respectful in all situations

3. Transparency in all things

4. Communicate frequently and often

5. Have fun, enjoy life…we only have one to live, make the best of it!

Len Clark - RE/MAX Associates Northeast Beliefs

At Len Clark - RE/MAX Associates Northeast we believe that everyone deserves the right to home-ownership (if they want it)! We believe that if you are buying or selling a home you deserve an agent that will always put your needs ahead of his/her own.

We believe that full service is going above and beyond the expectations of ones customers/clients. In short, We believe that in order for Len Clark - RE/MAX Associates Northeast to be successful we need to do everything we can to assist you in being successful. After all our goal is to earn your business and the business of all you know. The only way that Len Clark - RE/MAX Associates Northeast can do that is to continually win your business every single day!

Why Real Estate?

When I was in 5th grade my parents purchased our first home! I remember how it made me feel. I felt joy, blessed, thankful, and for the first time I had a place of my own! It changed how I viewed the world. I had a place that was all mine…our family had put down roots!

This feeling returns to me every time I am successful in helping a family with buying or selling their home. It is the most rewarding part of my life’s work. This is why I get up in the morning! This is how I am able to deal with unreasonable people with calm and respect.

My mission goes beyond my ego or the need to be right! My mission is to assist my clients in getting the best possible terms and price for their home! My mission is to help my clients FIND HOME! Here are some of Len Clark - RE/MAX Associates Northeast references for your review.


If you want a realtor that will pull out all the stops and go that extra mile, then Len is your guy!!  He’s very patient, personable, and knowledgeable!  He will even go to your house to let a contractor in to quote a job for you if need be while you’re in the closing process.  Not only that he even has recommendations on repair servicemen if you need one!!  I’ve never had a realtor this great! Call him he won’t let you down.