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    Len Clark

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    Real Estate Is Very Personal To Me
    My Dad loved real estate and when I was growing up we would go for walks to the local coffee shop, grab a drink and open the real estate section of the newspaper. Who knew that this time spent with my father would end up with me starting Len Clark – RE/MAX Associates Northeast.

    My Dad and I hanging out!
    We would analyze properties, evaluate possible rates of return and evaluate the strength of it as an investment. If it was not a good investment we would determine changes to the property or at what price point the property would need to make it a good investment. It was our little game, it was fun, and I got to spend a lot of quality time with my Dad!

    This experience with my Dad lead me to reading every book I could on the subject and once I graduated from high school I studied to get my real estate license in Portland Oregon. By the time I turned 19 I was a licensed real estate agent and the youngest agent at the local Century 21 office in Portland Oregon.

    Cancer Turned My Life Upside Down
    Dr. Higgano at University of Washington Medical Center saved my life. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and spent several years fighting for my life! In the midst of my battle I decided to get my finance degree and between treatments and surgeries I obtained a diploma from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches TX.

    In remission, I began working in corporate America. I climbed up the corporate ladder and had the opportunity to work by the side of many Oil & Gas Industry leaders! It was fantastic! However, something was missing. I was not satisfied.

    Oil &Gas Market Takes a Nose Dive
    Then it happened! O&G Collapsed and I was out of work! What started to be the worst case scenario for my family became a blessing. I decided to start Len Clark Real Estate Group and get back into real estate and WOW what a difference!!! I love my profession! I love helping families! And I love the connection between my long conversations with my Dad and my new found profession.

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    Len Clark
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